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Practice coding, prepare for interviews, and get prizes.

Home to 30K+ Talented Developers

Practice coding, prepare for interviews, and get prizes.

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We take pride in the fact that we have the most talented team of developers and mentors.

All the coding challenges at our platform have been set by well performing students at the best of colleges, have worked at industry giants such as Sony, Cyanogen, SanDisk, Facebook, Barclays, Practo, Harman, DRDO, Cadence, American Express, Nagarro and many more

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Code Challenges

50K+ Coding Challenges covering major topics

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Editorials and Tutorials

Download editorials and learn from tutorials if stuck

Badges and Certifications

Earn Badges & Show off your profile in your groups
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Amazing Contests
Take part in amazing contests organised by our community comprising of esteemed mentors of Coding Blocks and our talented team of Developers. Compete against your friends and see your name on the leaderboard.
Get Hired
Get hired by top companies who takes their admission tests on our platform. Every month our students get placed in top-notch companies. Practice daily to get on the top.
Daily Code Bytes
Participate in Daily Code Bytes where you'll get one interesting problem to solve on a daily basis. Maintain streaks by taking part in them on daily basis.
Profile Building
Build an amazing profile and showcase it to your future employers, family and friends. Earn amazing badges and track your heatmap for monthly performance.
Take part in long running competitions and show case your skills to get recognised by top companies. Track your performance across contests and analyse your progress.
Certifications and Prizes
Get awesome prizes by taking parts in our contests and competitions. Prizes worth rupees lakhs and amazing goodies to be won.

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Programming Challenges


Programming Contests


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Interview Prep Challenges

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Earn Badges

Participate in our contests and earn badges like DS Master, Algo Master, Competitive Master etc and showcase them to your friends on your profile.

Bookmark Challenges

Bookmark your favourite challenges and problems and revisit them anytime to revise your concepts.

Guided Learning

Experience the guided learning paths. At Hackerblocks you will get amazing sets of problem to solve with features like unlock test cases and unlock editorials to not only attempt the problems but to understand the process of solving problems as well.

Daily Code Bytes

Attempt a problem daily for 7 days and get rewarded with a Streak Master badge. Analysis suggests that solving a problem daily helps you become an expert in programming.

Build your Profile

Practice problems category contains an extensive list of questions on Data Structures, Algorithms and Competitive Programming. Practice them daily to become a coding Ka boss.

Get Certified

Unlock certificates and add them to your LinkedIn profile to put it out in the world that you're a Coding Blocks champion.
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Our mission is to help you improve your technical skills and crack interviews

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This is the right place for you to develop your skills and crack top tech interviews

Daily Code Bytes
Solve a problem daily for 7 days to make daily streaks and earn badges.
Interview Preparation Tracks
Prepare for tech interviews from beginner to advanced level with tutorials & challenges
Contests and Competitions
Participate in ongoing contests & competitions to see where you stand amongst other developers

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